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MMDA Motorbiked Enforcers Flagrant Acts Witnessed

EDSA was not clogged from Taft to MOA around 1830H 27 March, which was unusual for a Friday night, but the Pasay Rotonda-Cavite van I was riding was guided to a stop by a uniformed MMDA enforcer on board a motorcycle that has a "Govt Vehicle" painted in red over a white background in what I surmised was its version of a plate number. He was later joined by another person sporting an identical uniform and was using an identical motorcycle. 

Nice one, I noted for myself. It is seldom that one can witness a govt personnel hard at work in such a time of the week. But, lo and behold!, it was not as I thought it was.

After motioning for the driver to alight, he motioned for the driver's celfone. I thought he was asking for a load, or was initiating a new mode of money transfer via Smart Money. Again, I was wrong. The guy used the driver's celfone after the driver keyed in the number to call. "Could they be friends?" I wondered silently while the number of vehicles began honking like maniacs.

When the driver boarded back, I asked what was his violation. None, he said. Then why, I pressed. Mister MMDA talked with somebody from the van operator's office, the driver said. Transactions of this type are now between the head office and the enforcers, I was informed.

Times, indeed, are a-changin'. From simple mulcting acts of yore comes the corporate bribery of today. A negative side effect of a society empowered by mobile communication technology? High-tech road robbery ba ang na-witness ko?

Chairman Tolentino, baka di nyo alam ang mga kabaluktutan na ginagawa ng mga tauhan mo?
Friends, check out their faces. Lets spread these fotos to gain the attention of higher authorities.

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